Thursday, January 20, 2011

Indoor Gardening

FxCam_1295302411670.jpg, originally uploaded by corvaequeen.

My Amaryllis bloomed, it was gorgeous. Too bad it only lasted about a day. When I got home the first day it bloomed the flowers and the stalk had fallen over. Too heavy I guess.
Glad I have the picture to enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday update

I got this pot of dirt and a bulb for my birthday, it's been steadily growing for the last month, and at last a huge bud. I'll get a better picture once it blooms.
We've had some very low temperatures in December and January, but the garden has come through with just a few casualties. We lost the tomatoes, but I was expecting that. Lost the Basil and the Spinach which should have done well in the cold just never did right.
The Collards are huge and gorgeous, and the turnips are now showing purple just bursting right out of the soil. The late planting of red cabbage is looking good but I'm unsure if we have enough time before the warm weather comes.
I have 4 small Rosemary plants, and the way we mow through them, I'm thinking of planting about 10 more.
I had a friend from work come over today to learn how to quilt. Today we worked on cutting the fabric. So she learned how to use the Rotary Cutter, the mat, the ruler, and the importance of ironing. She's making a baby quilt for her new grand daughter. I'm so happy to have a quilting friend.