Sunday, February 13, 2011

Compost Carpenters

I've been wanting to build a Compost Bin for awhile now. For the last two years I've been composting in a plastic garbage bin. It gets pretty slimey in there as there's no air circulation. So this morning after dumping the bin out in the yard to turn it; I decided today's the day. Compost building day!
Off to Home Depot for lumbar since my search for free pallets has come up to bupkiss.
Of course while we were there I dumped a whole package of nails everywhere. oops. Not my fault! Someone had torn open the end and set it back on the shelf. It was booby trapped I tell ya.

Back at home and I even managed to talk my son into helping. Doesn't he look thrilled?

and check out those Redneck sawhorses...

I'm putting them in the back corner behind some large bushes, a straight walk out the back door from the kitchen, but hidden from sight. Here's Patrick swinging a hammer.

And here we are nailing the last side together in the dark. We still have to nail a board across the bottom of front, then hardware cloth on all sides.

We also still have to build the front pieces. These will either be removable or swing open like a gate so the compost can be easily turned. They will be a wooden frame with hardware cloth stapled to it, just like the sides.
didn't the guys do a great job?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Art Swap

I joined in on a Valentine Swap that Lemoncholy offered at her blog: Lemoncholy's flight of fancy.
She's a wonderful artist and I love the blog, go visit.

Here is my contribution; water color and markers.

And here is what she sent me!! I love, love, love it. There is nothing like coming home on a dreary, rainy day after a hard day at the insurance mine to find lovely lovely decorated mail in the box.

It's about 8 inches long, and quilted and puffy. I'm taking it to work to hang on my cubbie wall where I can admire it all day.

I'm working on a card for the significant other, but you will have to wait till after I give it to him for the picture.