Tuesday, August 23, 2011

exploding B&B cabins

I finally finished my Mom's birthday present. It's a lap sized quilt. I bought the log cabin pieces precut from eBay. I sewed them together and figured out the placement. Then my favorite thing; a trip to the fabric store to get fabric for the borders. These came from JoAnn's Fabric.
All machine pieced and quilted. It didn't take too long just a couple of weekends.

I've bought a couple of these precut log cabin kits from the same store on eBay. I've been really happy with all of them. Jordans of Oregon is the store. Cutting is my least favorite part of quilting, so this is one shortcut I love!

Here is another of her kits that I'm working on:
That one is for me, and it's been up on the design wall for about a year. I've got 12 more blocks to make, then I have to audition fabric for borders and backing. I've seen some really nice asymmetrical pieced backings lately. I think I'm going to try that with this one. I want it for my Queen sized bed. I keep stopping work on this and doing quilts for other people. oh well.

I'm thinking of lots of purple for the borders. It's my favorite color so that will dominate with just a little of the pale green. Maybe some Flying Geese, I just got a new Flying Geese Ruler and I want to try it out.

The squares lined up under the log cabins have been up there even longer. Guess I'll finish it someday. I kind of like knowing I've got things to work on if I get bored or broke.

I've got one more of her kits set aside in beautiful shades of teal and turquoise for my son. I can't wait to work on that one.

Then I want to do some Sunflower Place mats for my sister in law. I've been searching for the right fabric but haven't seen it yet. If I don't I've got some other ideas for her. She is going through and extremely tough time, just got diagnosed with MS along with Chiari and may need to have surgery. Maybe I'll make her a nice snuggle quilt instead of the place mats. She could use a hug I think.

Here's another look at the one I just finished, with Lilly giving it her seal of approval.

Fairy Village

I'm a little late, but I saw that back in May a lot of people in the blog-o-sphere were making these Fairy Villages, so last weekend I gathered up all my supplies and made this one.

I bought the little birdhouses at Dollar Tree and cut a doorway in each one and painted them in bright colors. I still want to make a flag for the top of the houses.

I made a path out of glass pebbles also from Dollar Tree, and the Dolphin Statue is from an old wind chime that self destructed.

I banner is made from some take out chop sticks, a cord from a broken necklace and I cut out the paper triangles and stamped them with the words happy day.

Some black river stones are balanced between the houses, a couple of ground covers and a "tree", and an enormous mushroom in my favorite color rounds everything out. I still want to add a table and a couple of chairs or maybe a hammock. I'm still waiting for the right idea to hit me.

For now it's living on the dining room table, but I want to get a small table to put it on in front of the window.

In the meantime, Fairies Welcome!