Monday, May 16, 2011


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new shed!

What I did last weekend

Tomatoes I picked from the garden tonight. 3 Lemon Boys, a Beef something or other and a handfull of cherry's.

I harvested about half the Collards, blanched and froze them, and the upper half is still going strong. They are about waist high now. I'm wondering if they'll eventually turn into a small tree!

We've finally got the new shed up and secure. What a chore! Took 4 weekends, 5 if you count the one buying (2 different stores) and transporting it.

First we built it, and then it rained for 3 days and nights straight and we decided that it needed the strongly suggested foundation. So we moved it and laid 5 rows of 4 20x 20 inch concrete pavers. Then move it onto the pavers. And finally yesterday: move all the yard maintainence tools and implements of destruction and painting supplies into the shed.

Friday evening I had the grandchild, all night and Saturday morning. She was wonderful, no problems. I didn't take any pics, but here's one from Easter:

Saturday was Tropical Heatwave. We look forward to this, one of the highlights of the year.
Our local community sponsored radio station puts on this huge one night only music fest every year second week of May.
This year there was 8 stages scattered throughout Ybor City and 56 bands. There's no way to see them all cause all 8 stages are playing at the same time, but if you plan carefully you can see a little of lots of them.
We started the evening off at Kristen's house with a pre-Heatwave bar-b-que. Then off to Ybor and a night of dancing in the streets!
Here's some pic's of my favorite band of the night: Cracker

That's Patrick enjoying Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys.

Then on Sunday, we moved all the stuff into the shed off the front porch. Cleaned the porch and the tables and chairs for the porch.

So nice to have a porch to sit on and now when people visit, it won't look like an episode of Hoarders!

Kristen just called and it looks like we have a date for Saturday at the Taste of Pinellas. Bonnie Rait and Buddy Guy are playing for $15 entrance fee. Vinoy Park, can't beat that, good food, great music, right on the water. I love living in Florida.