Sunday, November 21, 2010

this week in the garden

I finished the baby quilt, I'm sorry that the picture is so bad. Its a Double Irish Chain, the first I've ever made. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It's machine pieced and machine quilted. It took me about 3 months to make it. It's the most complex and largest quilt I've made to date. It's about 50 x 65 inches. The borders are cut off in the picture, they are actually about 6 inches wide.
I've already given it to the expectant Mom and she really liked it.

The tomatoes aren't doing as well as I hoped. They are really leggy, and they have some die off on the bottom branches. I don't think they're getting enough sunshine, hence the legginess. I'm not sure whats up with the withering. Some kind of disease I suspect. But we have some fruit, this picture is of Lemon Boy.

Here's a picture of the entire garden. The Collards are growing beautifully. And they taste amazing! I've been picking a few leaves here and there to add to soup and they certainly don't taste like the Collards you buy at the store, they are so much better.
The Spinach has not done well. I planted 3 small rows and only half of 1 came up. It hasn't grown any either. So yesterday we went and bought some new plants to fill up that space. We got some beautiful Red Cabbage, Arugula, (yuk! I don't care for Arugula, but P loves it.) and some more Rosemary. P loves the Rosemary so much I'm thinking of doing an entire hedge down the side of the house. We planted some zuchinni also but you can't see it here.
We put some mulch around the outside of the bed, and I plan to put some more. I'd like to do a mulched path about 3 feet wide to try to cut down on some of the mud.

The rose has been producing steadily since the heat let up. I wish you could smell this, it's heaven.

Here is some lettuce I harvested for salad. It was delicious!!

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