Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Journal part 2

So this is a continuation of a theme that appeared earlier this year, Release. Let go of desires, attachments, grudges...part of living in the now.

The journal asks you to select symbols for the year, here are my symbols for 2011.

The lotus represents connection to Spirit. Reaching upwards, Beauty.
The massive roots are for grounding, being rooted in the Earth.
I'm fascinated by trees. Their strength, so sturdy and so supple. Their underground system is just as complex and echoes the network of branches above. So the two pictures together are about Balance.
The Swallow Flash is Movement and Freedom and Beauty. As are the Wild Horses. They have become increasingly prevalent over the past two years and more so the last couple of months. I'm still learning what they have to teach me. A lot of Strength there, and Caution. The direction is up.

The Owl is an old friend. She represents Wisdom, Protection, and embracing the Shadow Side. The line drawing is something I've used for many years, and is another aspect of the Lotus and Roots. It's the middle part of the tree, the trunk. Reaching up to the Stars and down to the Earth. Feminine.
The triskle is the Three. Maiden, Mother and Crone. Waxing, Full and Waning, with the Owl as Dark.
The leaf is another fascination, the path of the veins, so like the path of our veins and capillaries, like the hairlike roots beneath the Earth. If only I knew how to read this language; what tales I could tell.
The Running Horse makes another appearance. splashing through my subconscious, everything a blurr, blurrrrrr except for the feel of the wind and the rush.
Pink and Green are the colors for 2011. Healing colors, and the colors of the forth chakra; the Heart.

I've made a tag that hangs from the middle of the two pages. On one side the words:
Choose Your Path.........
Choose wisely, you must
And on the other side: this. Doesn't it seem like she's trying to tell us something? Maybe she just didn't want her picture taken.

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