Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy List

I can't believe it's August already. The summer has just flown by.
It has taken me literally months to get myself back to normal after my house guest earlier this year. I'm finally feeling like myself, so here is my


Patrick (currently in the kitchen scrubbing up the dishes)
Lilly -- seizure free x 3.5 weeks
Giant Bougainvillaea we potted last weekend for the front of the house. It's pink and matches the one by the front door. In the pot it's about 6 feet tall. wheeee
Bird feeder outside the dining room windows. There's a limited variety but endlessly entertaining. The Blue Jays and Cardinals are constantly feuding and the Woodpeckers sweep in during the lulls. There's a juvenile Woodpecker that gets frightened off by the Blue Jays and hooks into the window screen and just hangs there screaming and peeping.
My presentation at work went really well. Thanks to my boss for giving me the opportunity.
Going to the Beach for the weekend.

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