Monday, October 4, 2010


This is a dresser that was a hand me down to my parents when I was born almost 50 years ago. I used it, my brother used it till he left home, my passed it on to me when I bought my house in 1984, and it sat on my front porch holding garden supplies for many many years.
In the first two pictures I've started sanding the finish and dirt off prepping it for paint.

and Ta Da!
I handpainted the birds by looking at pictures of wall decals online and did them freehand. I'm still not happy with the door, but not sure where I want to go with it.
It sits in the living room now, holding all the old VCR tapes that no one is watching. I'm saving them for the grandbaby, I think I have most of the Disney movies. Probably by the time she's old enough the VCR will be broken!!

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