Saturday, October 9, 2010

Those three stripes of green in the lower right of the garden are the Turnips! Tomorrow I'm planning to thin them out with a very sharp and pointy scissors.

Now we're looking from the other end, the specks in the lower right are the lettuce, and they are beautiful. That large blank spot in the upper right is the Spinach. It's just starting to poke up, it should be about the size the Lettuce is now by next weekend.
Everything else is looking good, no droopies, and so far no bugs.
We made a trip to the Depot today to get some Fish Emulsion and a water can, so I can start fertilizing every two weeks. I also picked up a couple of bags of cypress mulch, my plan is to buy two bags every weekend. I want to pull up all the grass and weeds in the whole side yard, build two more raised beds and mulch everywhere else.
For now though, I'm mulching a path all around the garden and to the front of the house, to hopefully cut down on some of the mud that keeps getting tracked into the house. Maybe I need a boot scraper.

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