Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here's a pic of the lettuce this morning after watering. It's only about an inch and half high, but doesn't it look luscious?
We've been going out early every morning and hand watering with a misting wand for between 5 and 10 minutes. Today I'm going to attach and lay out the soaker hose. Give everything a good long soaking.
The tomatoes have blooms! I'm extremely excited. Take a peek:

That scraggly mess on the left is the turnips. They still need more thinning, but I think there might not be enough light for them. They are growing tall and laying down. Nothing I can do about that. The only spot in the yard that gets sun all day is the front yard. I'm not ready to plant vegetables out there. The neighbors already think I'm strange enough. I'm not ruling it out though. With raised beds, all is possible.
I've never been crazy about the lawn, ( and it shows!) it's completely full of weeds and sandy bare patches. I think that raised beds can only improve it.
I don't have a shed, and I desperately want one. For now I store everything on the front porch. Not a very pretty sight for visitors. But it makes me feel industrious whenever I walk in or out of the house and it's a visual reminder that I need to go work in the garden.

Here's the full view, look at those Collards!

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